Trade delegation in Australia and New Zealand


Ahead of future talks on free trade deals with Australia and New Zealand, a delegation of the International Trade Committee visits both countries this week.


MEPs are to discuss opportunities and potentially contentious issues, such as trade in farming products or policies on climate change, which could have an impact on negotiations. Members will also discuss multilateral trade issues and study regional trade cooperation and the situation of local EU business. They are going to meet with national parliaments’ members, EU companies along with local businesses, trade unions, academics, civil society and indigenous communities.

Committee Chair Bernd Lange (S&D, DE), who leads the delegation, said: "Australia and New Zealand are important partners for the EU in many respects. In the field of trade we have a long, successful history of cooperation in the WTO, which we now want to deepen. We see the potential for a modern and balanced agreement that paves the way for new opportunities, while upholding our high standards and the protection of our citizens."